Monday, June 28, 2010

Going on week two of classes...and so far so good being in class 1 is a bit tough and sometimes hard to keep up with but it's good for me I feel like I am learning so much: we have грамматика, разговор, газета, русская культура, кинокурс, и фонетика. The teachers are all good the фонетика teacher is one tough cookie but my pronounciation is improving because of her...otherwise I have mastered the trick of getting to school on time and how to take notes быстро по русский..,
anyways I had quite some adventures this weekend-my umbrella broke so me and another student went looking to buy one on Friday because wouldn't you know it was pouring Friday morning...but after three hours of searching and a trip up the dome исавского собора we returned home empty handed..,it rains 75 percent of the time here and not a зойнтик in my babooshka leant me her bright pink umbrella when she found out mine broke so clearly we are communicating much better and I really feel she has warmed up to me tremendously but I also trapsed around the city like a giant pink if that didn't attract attention....
But on Saturday we went to павлоск which is the official hunting grounds Paul the first built it was amazing very contrived but amazing it was a mixture of Harry potter narnia and lord of the rings all rolled into one it wad very impressive, there is also a palace on the premises but since it is the very reason that Russia was bankrupt after Paul was assassinated I was a bit sceptical of how impressive it was...,in anycase the gardens as I said are vast and gorgeous but it was raining and freezing there that certainly added to the romantic atmosphere and I truly did feel like I was in a fairy tale but then the Mosquitos kicked in and killed that dream the effects of which I am still feeling today....also I refused to wear jeans one more day in summer so I donned a wool jacket and a pair if shorts which left significantly more surface area for those little pears to feast on me...ugh
Sunday we had a free day to отдыхать и спать и дышать и что небудь but of course for me that means more time to get out and explore the city so I literally walked around for four hours with a friend from the bronze horseman to the Finland station to lenins statue to the "beach" to my house to change into my black dress for the ballet it ended up being way to expensive so we went and saw the new Tom criuise movie instead but still fun...I met margarita who is one of the kids hers host moms friends daughter she told me spoke and read good riusdusn and is going to take me shopping today after school! I'm so excited! Shopping with a Russian so I hopefully won't get ripped off today haha... But funny anecdote I was all dressed up fir the ballet and definitely experienced the vixenness if st Petersburg firsthand...appearantky there are two girls for every boy here so competition is fierce (i don't know why the men her have much to be desired) but anyways I was staring at this girl because she looked like Hannah ghoseff oand she totally grabbed her boyfreinds waist and beltloop and gave me the vixen stare....I mean I'm flattered she thinks i'm competition but I mean come on! He had a mullet! Not at all interested...I just laughed haha
also saw some people rollerblading with fanny packs on the street...I have officially discovered the antithesis of so cal beaches (try cobblestones fortress)...and life at home is improving евгеня Ивановна served me liver last night (my training came out and I almost forced myself to try it until shevtold me if I dint like it I didn't have to eat it so I didn't thank goodness) but other than that life continues safe and sound (although crazily) in Russia....


  1. Sounds like you are settling right in. I'm glad to hear that your host mom is warming up to you. It seems that she just needed a moment to adjust to the change. By the time your trip is over she will probably end up being a very good friend to you. Keep up the good work and the blogs! I love you sweetie. Ts.Lil

  2. Hi, Love reading your messages. I just might have to go to Russian school to read them. It's wonderful that you are learning so much and you are taking in the whole Russia experience. It sounds like you are fiting right in. We are going on vacation and I will miss reading about your experiences, but I will have a lot to read when we get home. Stay safe. Love you, from Ts. Barbara Shubin